The making of the trailer (Part 1)

Wednesday 13/5/2015
Filming of the dismantling of the trailer. 3+ hours of filming for approximately 2 minutes of TV time (Y)
Had a play with Christian’s new plasma cutter. I was nominated as the straightest cutter…although,¬†evidently not so straight when the cameras are on me :S
We had to cut the majority of the trailer’s frame off as it was going to be work to lengthen is than to remake a whole “new” one to our dimensions. I say “new” as it will be made using old RSJ’s from the farm. We cut the frame in a way that we can still re-use it to make a mini trailer another day.
Thursday 14/5/2015 (my birthday!)
We took the chassis and RSJ’s up to my Uncle’s workshop. En route the pick up we were in was struggling up the hilly terrain that is mid-Wales (25mph Max). I probably wouldn’t have minded but the hour pit stop at the garage trying to figure out if it was a problem that we could fix and what felt like the longest day since the 13 hour journey from Perthshire (Scotland) to Hereford back in 2013. I eventually clambered into bed at 1:30 am…not the kind of late night birthday outing I had intended on.
Anyway! The frame is almost together, just need to take him up a few extra pieces and we will have a base to start building on, and THHHHEEENN frame delivery!!

I got some old material sample books for my birthday, filled with upholstery fabric swatches, definitely need to use them in the cabin some way or another.
Check out the awesome speed and accuracy of the plasma cutter in the video.