Knock Knock!

It’s been a long week. Productive at times, but mostly hair pullingly, scream at a wall, shoot me in the face frustrating.

Started on the interior, storage wall & desk, larch cladding around porthole window and the front door. Turns out the one door that fits perfectly is the shining-esk (axe murdering hacked styley that is) that we came across in the barn, saved from a skip by my Uncle.

Before & After:




Clad clad clad


This weekend we had Christian’s uni mate curly and his lady Kirsty come to visit and lend a hand. We’ve almost finished cladding the longest sides now. Loving the patchwork appeal about it now. These sheets were bought about 20 years ago by my father, in his wisdom to separate each sheet he put a feed bag between them. The rusty brown patches is all that is left of said feed bags.


Suicidal flies!


We managed to get the tin on the roof with some help from family, but unfortunately we were three sheets short so a visit to Thomas panels and profiles at Leominster was needed. Very helpful people there to give us advice on how to fit the windows and the flashings around the joining sheets. Luckily we had some old land rover blue paint, although a shade to light compared to the existing panels, it’s probably my favourite colour. Also Christian surprised me with this beauty in the same paint.


Storage seating to be continued..

Oakey doke


I came back from Dursley to find Christian had been a busy boy and not only fitted the oak floor (quite literally pinched from under his parents feet), he had also managed to clad the porch and lay the decking! I should stay away more often I think!

Sliding doors!


We took advantage of Christian’s parents coming to check out our progress, by roping them in to manoeuvre the sliding doors in place. Very precariously standing on open joists whilst lifting them in place at silly angles. It is amazing the difference it has made to the space. The doors were rescued from Christian’s Nan, and everything was designed around those dimensions, so it was a real relief to see them slot in place so well. *happy sigh*


Tanning aid


Time for some insulating. Who needs a tanning salon when you’ve got reflective sheeting like this! Oompa loompa here I come! On a more professional note the ProfCut insulation saw, genius! Thanks to Any Sawyer for his donation of it. Best method, score line first, snap it then glide the saw down to cut through. It stops all the bits of foam flying in your face and making a mess. 10/10

Rear Window

Productive day! I put an appeal out on FB for any broken washing machines, whole or in pieces and thankfully an old school friend of mine had just had hers go bang! BIG thanks for Luana and her sister! Check out her pretty upcycled spoon pendants
We also managed to get a quote for our gable end glass from my trusty glass folk at AMS Glass & Glazing in Hereford ¬£150 for both triangles. Toughened, so didn’t think that was so bad really!


Slim Shady

We finished the larch cladding on the sides of the porch today. The weather is so variable, baking hot when the sun is out so we retreat to the ‘shade’ jobs. The majority of the Velux side is now tinned, we just need to order some corner flashing and trim from Thomas Panels and Profiles @ Leominster. Finances are getting very tight at this stage so the offer of free materials is extremely satisfying!

We did attempt to take a panel off the mobile home to make flashing out of that but it’s a lot harder than anticipated. Considering it is falling apart, it doesn’t want to be separated easily!

To Do

Search garage for a decent door to use for front door

Find washing machine door for porthole window

Gable end glass.

Bye bye ISB!


Friday 19th June. Left my job at M&S to venture full-time in the cabinet making world. After 11 years of working in a bakery it was a good time to move on! Very overwhelmed by the kind words and gifts from all my colleagues.
Going to miss these beauts!


I didn’t get much work done on the cabin today :(