Clickedy click! Ctrl P one tiny home!

2015-04-15_09.26.03[1] received_10153294360429669Our tiny home is finally something more than an old rusty trailer chassis and pinterest pictures!! Last week we ventured down to Kingsbridge, Devon, to start the frame build!! Such a beautiful place and such genuinely nice people at Oakleigh, their enthusiasm for our project is contagious. So very refreshing!
We spent 3 days in their workshop going through our design and helping to construct it.
The amazing spaces film crew joined us on Thursday for 2 days of filming. Again, really enthusiastic ladies, documenting us on our tiny home journey.
It was awesome to see our model come to life and the walls go up of our first real home together.
Next on the agenda is to widen the trailer to fit our tiny home onto. To do that we will have to cut the existing one in half and widen it, with the help of my awesome chassis king of an Uncle Gino.
In the meantime Christian has many, many deadlines at uni and I’m on the prowl for materials to clad inside and out…the cheaper the better, free is ideal!
Updates soon! <3

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