Lost in Translation

So, the papers had to sex up our story, to make good headlines I suppose?
Somehow our breakdown of costs got lost in translation somewhere along the line? If you did see our episode on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Series 5, Episode 7, we stated our final total at roughly £1500.

Below (if at all interested) is the my revision of the Daily Mail’s breakdown of costs. They were sent these figures originally but they had an urge to tweak them?

Old lorry trailer (Not a farm cattle trailer): Free, Preowned by Kyra’s parents

Sliding doors: Free, From Christian’s Nana’s house
Glass for windows: (Correct) £80 for 15 panes from Ebay

Washing Machine Door: (Correct) Free from friend

Solid Oak Floor: Half free from Christian’s parents kitchen, half bought in half price sale from Wickes: £47
Corrugated tin used for external walls: Left over building materials from previous farm builds, salvaged from the farm

Box profile tin sheet on roof: All but two sheets salvaged from farm, two bought from local panels and profiles company £44

Ridge flashings: Free, salvaged from the farm

Other flashings: Free, from local panels and profiles company

Front door: Pulled from neighbours skip (Permission given) Taken apart and rebuilt

Glass Triangle gable end: £150 from local glass company

Hinges: Screwfix/Toolstation £20

Lock: Screwfix/Toolstation £10

Sterling OSB board for internal walls: £210 purchased in bulk

Steel beams for trailer (Not floor and ceiling): Half salvaged from farm, half purchased at discount: £300

Battens: Free, Found on farm

Studs and timber for trailer base & Stud walls: £150

Bed frame: Ours

Desk: from our IKEA bed head

Tools/Equipment/Screws/Paint/Sundries: £408


As for the comments on our story. I don’t like focus on the negativity of others, especially  if they know nothing about me or my story. It is counter-productive and there is enough negativity and hatred in the world without having to submerge myself into it, so apologies if our story offended you in some way? It was never meant to offend, only to inspire others to use up unwanted junk for good, to clear up our scrapyard of a farm a bit and to give ourselves a bit of extra living space. Somewhere along the line this was lost?
However, for those who had encouraging words to say and cared to share their stories with us, thank you profusely  for your kind words and encouragement.

Below are some quotes that help me to stay straight on the road of good mental health and to maintain the kindness I have always had asserted in my by my family and upbringing. Treat others how you would wish to be treated.

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