The Making of the trailer Part 2

After what feels like forever of not being able to blog due to my doughnut brain forgetting everything, my man came to the rescue this morning and now I am back! ‘We’ are back I should say!

So, now I will update bit by bit of what you have missed.

We got the trailer back from my Uncle and built a wooden structure on it for the cabin to sit on, ready for the Devon boys to come and build on. Christian was the main chippy for this as he has just finished his masters and has much free time on his hands. He loves a bit of woodworking, and truth be told he loves to work alone as he doesn’t have to explain everything in drawings for me. Considering he is an architect he doesn’t do pen to paper, it’s more ‘keep up with what’s going on in my head…even when i change it’…anyway, voilĂ ! One trailer!


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