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Tanning aid


Time for some insulating. Who needs a tanning salon when you’ve got reflective sheeting like this! Oompa loompa here I come! On a more professional note the ProfCut insulation saw, genius! Thanks to Any Sawyer for his donation of it. Best method, score line first, snap it then glide the saw down to cut through. It stops all the bits of foam flying in your face and making a mess. 10/10

Rear Window

Productive day! I put an appeal out on FB for any broken washing machines, whole or in pieces and thankfully an old school friend of mine had just had hers go bang! BIG thanks for Luana and her sister! Check out her pretty upcycled spoon pendants
We also managed to get a quote for our gable end glass from my trusty glass folk at AMS Glass & Glazing in Hereford £150 for both triangles. Toughened, so didn’t think that was so bad really!


Slim Shady

We finished the larch cladding on the sides of the porch today. The weather is so variable, baking hot when the sun is out so we retreat to the ‘shade’ jobs. The majority of the Velux side is now tinned, we just need to order some corner flashing and trim from Thomas Panels and Profiles @ Leominster. Finances are getting very tight at this stage so the offer of free materials is extremely satisfying!

We did attempt to take a panel off the mobile home to make flashing out of that but it’s a lot harder than anticipated. Considering it is falling apart, it doesn’t want to be separated easily!

To Do

Search garage for a decent door to use for front door

Find washing machine door for porthole window

Gable end glass.

Bye bye ISB!


Friday 19th June. Left my job at M&S to venture full-time in the cabinet making world. After 11 years of working in a bakery it was a good time to move on! Very overwhelmed by the kind words and gifts from all my colleagues.
Going to miss these beauts!


I didn’t get much work done on the cabin today :(


The boys from Devon brought up the SIP panels we built back in April. We had the film crew here to capture the whole lot as the panels went together. We had a lovely couple of days eating delights from my mother and working in the baking hot sun! (Not good for a redhead with vampire skin)
The frame went up pretty quickly and once the roof was on we got a chance to take it all in in situ. I think Christian was a bit stunned by how much higher it is off the ground than originally intended, but once all the sheets go up I think it will all settle in place and even itself out. I am the reassuring one, Christian is the get it done one. Good team! Here is a little snippet of the boards being secured to make the trailer base.


The Making of the trailer Part 2

After what feels like forever of not being able to blog due to my doughnut brain forgetting everything, my man came to the rescue this morning and now I am back! ‘We’ are back I should say!

So, now I will update bit by bit of what you have missed.

We got the trailer back from my Uncle and built a wooden structure on it for the cabin to sit on, ready for the Devon boys to come and build on. Christian was the main chippy for this as he has just finished his masters and has much free time on his hands. He loves a bit of woodworking, and truth be told he loves to work alone as he doesn’t have to explain everything in drawings for me. Considering he is an architect he doesn’t do pen to paper, it’s more ‘keep up with what’s going on in my head…even when i change it’…anyway, voilà! One trailer!


The making of the trailer (Part 1)

Wednesday 13/5/2015
Filming of the dismantling of the trailer. 3+ hours of filming for approximately 2 minutes of TV time (Y)
Had a play with Christian’s new plasma cutter. I was nominated as the straightest cutter…although, evidently not so straight when the cameras are on me :S
We had to cut the majority of the trailer’s frame off as it was going to be work to lengthen is than to remake a whole “new” one to our dimensions. I say “new” as it will be made using old RSJ’s from the farm. We cut the frame in a way that we can still re-use it to make a mini trailer another day.
Thursday 14/5/2015 (my birthday!)
We took the chassis and RSJ’s up to my Uncle’s workshop. En route the pick up we were in was struggling up the hilly terrain that is mid-Wales (25mph Max). I probably wouldn’t have minded but the hour pit stop at the garage trying to figure out if it was a problem that we could fix and what felt like the longest day since the 13 hour journey from Perthshire (Scotland) to Hereford back in 2013. I eventually clambered into bed at 1:30 am…not the kind of late night birthday outing I had intended on.
Anyway! The frame is almost together, just need to take him up a few extra pieces and we will have a base to start building on, and THHHHEEENN frame delivery!!

I got some old material sample books for my birthday, filled with upholstery fabric swatches, definitely need to use them in the cabin some way or another.
Check out the awesome speed and accuracy of the plasma cutter in the video.

Remember you’re a womble!

So, this is the biggest eyesore on my farm. A horrid dilapidated old mobile home, of which belongs to my Uncle. He has never lived in it, instead it has been one giant tool box. It has been on the farm for at least 20 years as i can only vaguely remember it’s arrival and I was definitely in primary school at the time. Any who, today, after many many many many many attempts to persuade my Uncle to (re)move it he decided that maybe it was past its sell by date and offered it to me to recycle as I wish. HALLELUJAH! two birds one stone! After searching the whole farm for scrap to clad my tiny home with we finally have an awesome solution! Aluminium!! I can not wait to strip this beauty down..(I can however wait for the mass effort to gut it of all of it’s rubbish)

Now on a high :) one easily pleased little lady :)

Clickedy click! Ctrl P one tiny home!

2015-04-15_09.26.03[1] received_10153294360429669Our tiny home is finally something more than an old rusty trailer chassis and pinterest pictures!! Last week we ventured down to Kingsbridge, Devon, to start the frame build!! Such a beautiful place and such genuinely nice people at Oakleigh, their enthusiasm for our project is contagious. So very refreshing!
We spent 3 days in their workshop going through our design and helping to construct it.
The amazing spaces film crew joined us on Thursday for 2 days of filming. Again, really enthusiastic ladies, documenting us on our tiny home journey.
It was awesome to see our model come to life and the walls go up of our first real home together.
Next on the agenda is to widen the trailer to fit our tiny home onto. To do that we will have to cut the existing one in half and widen it, with the help of my awesome chassis king of an Uncle Gino.
In the meantime Christian has many, many deadlines at uni and I’m on the prowl for materials to clad inside and out…the cheaper the better, free is ideal!
Updates soon! <3